sidebargraphicAll businesses are now digital businesses. Or if they’re not, they need to be. Markets are developing and changing faster than ever before. New competitors emerge, fresh obstacles arise. This dynamism means challenge on many fronts, for start-ups and large incumbent companies alike. But change also means opportunity.

Companies of every size are confronting this reality daily, and no matter how large a staff the leaders of your business have at their disposal, there are critical projects that are not getting completed in the necessary time-frame. This leaves unmet deadlines, problems that aren’t solved, and promising opportunities left unexplored and unrealized.

BlackInc helps clients plug these gaps via tightly focused strategic consulting and advisory projects. Whether addressing questions of corporate development; deftly handling that set of contracts you need negotiated yesterday; or determining how your business must change now that mobile has eaten the world.

BlackInc stands out by virtue of our relentless focus on time-to-market, and the bottom line. We know digital, so clients do not pay us to learn their business; we deliver results — not PowerPoint slides. We love working with clients to solve knotty problems, get deals done, build new businesses, and ultimately to help them succeed.


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BlackInc helps clients capitalize on digital opportunities, and develop and execute effective digital strategies.